I started a new nutrition business and I understand nutrition, but I didn’t understand marketing. Lizelle came on board and gave me great focus, she gave me amazing direction, she is flexible and does a lot of background work. Lizelle is a fantastic investment, great value for money and is highly recommended! She is so good at what she does!

Fiona Murray – Owner of Physical Nutrition

Words cannot begin to describe the relief and amazement of seeing your child blossom and starting to step into who she was created to be. Within one or two weeks of starting to work with Lizelle, my daughter began to make new friends at school, be more positive about herself and explore possibilities around her. Lizelle has the knack of bringing the best out of everyone she works with. She knows how to empower teenage girls and give them the confidence to step into life.


Lizelle is absolutely incredible as a coach mentor. She is just the real deal, does not waste anytime, she is reliable, her communication is incredible and she gets things done and that exactly what you need from a mentor. She doesn’t fluff around, she pushes your buttons and pushes you out of your comfort zone, she is absolutely incredible. I cannot thank her enough for every she has done for me. She is well supported with people around her, its not just her mentoring you. She is an incredible person, an incredible coach and has put me into contact with other amazing people, making my journey easier and gives me piece of mind. Lizelle is the one, an incredible mentor, absolutely amazing and I would recommend her 100%. Thank you.

Pam- Owner Platinum Life Coaching

Lizelle came up with a great idea for my new business venture, and that was to assist customers with technology issues. She designed my company logo, business cards and launched the business with a great event. She also created much of our marketing material and assisted with sales.

She is incredibly passionate helping others and have a great understanding of what the market wants. She is always looking for new ideas to drive new business. I have learnt so much from her.

Riaan Jonker – Owner at TechTonic

I want to say a HUGE thank you to you Lizelle for all that you have done for me and my business thus far. We have only been working together for a couple of months and what you have helped me achieve has been amazing.

Lizelle and I met for the first time when we had a meeting to discuss moving her accounting over to Xero. From the moment I met her, I knew that Lizelle was a very smart and astute businesswoman.

Since then I have discovered that she has a passion and a drive to empower female entrepreneurs and business owners alike in achieving their goals and dreams.  She is there with you in the trenches working just as hard as you to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.  

She never seems to tire and I call her the energizer bunny.  Lizelle, I am so excited to see where you can help me take my business next. 

Erika Owner/Director-Office Overload Solutions

Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did recently in helping me set up Blue Balloon Friends. From the actual concept of using the blue balloons as our logo (to match our Foundations original logo) to arranging our special guest & all our sponsors, you were fabulous.  Your knowledge, ideas & planning were invaluable & resulted in our launch being the success it was. 

Sharon Knapp – Intensive Care Foundation WA Ambassador