About Lizelle

I am a wife, a mother and a friend

I aim to change the lives of 10000 people by giving them the tools, knowledge and support they need to not only look great on the outside, but fall in love with what’s on the inside too.

Smart Collective is about more than just styling. It is about empowering women to be confident, be wise and be themselves. Becoming the best version of yourself is not just about the clothes you wear, but your attitude, mindset and knowledge as well.

I have always believed a ‘glass half full’ and I am eager to share my energy for life with you

I understand the challenges life can throw our way at times. Often it only takes a little guidance to get you through. You can greet every day with a smile, just like I do. Being in love with your style, makes the journey so much easier.

To me, fashion is a lifestyle – not just a job

I have loved everything about the fashion world for as long as I can remember, from making my own doll’s clothes as a young child, to pursuing a successful career as a fashion designer in South Africa. After migrating to Australia with my family, my career needed to take a different direction, but changing industries was not an option I was willing to consider.

Smart Collective gives me the privilege of working with countless men and women to build their confidence and inspire them to fall in love with their own style. Wearing clothes you feel great in is empowering. It never ceases to amaze me when I see my clients transform on the inside as well as on the outside.

Style is not just about what you wear, but the way you hold yourself, your mindset and the way you view the world

Smart Collective takes my enthusiasm for fashion and mentoring to the next level. Inspiring and educating women on the broader topics of self-esteem, mindset and business coaching empowers them to change their lives for the better. When you empower one person, you empower an entire nation, and ultimately bring a positive change to the world.

Let’s face it: There’s no dress rehearsal. We have one life to live and this is it

I create a safe, supportive space to help you take on whatever you want to create next, starting with changing your wardrobe into your boutique and falling in love with your style.

But, whether we start from the outside in or the inside out, the goal is always the same—to guide you toward a look and a life that makes you shine.

My mission is to help you discover that same freedom and empowerment, so you can live life as you have always dreamt of. 

My most important words to my clients are always; be confident, be wise, BE YOU.