What’s your fashion focus?

Have you always loved fashion or has it been something that you haven’t given much thought to? We all need to get dressed each day. Getting dressed into something that you love can have a major impact in how you feel about who you are and what your life looks like. This week, we invite you to look at your style though new lenses and start falling in love with it.

You can only fall in love with something or someone who you  you understand. Part of that process is spending time learning about it. The first step to falling in love with you style is to know that you need a well organised wardrobe.
You need to understand your style, and realise that most people have two different looks or styles, for instance, one for the office and one for when you are at home.

Choose a look that suits your personality. It is no good trying to fit into a style that just not say ‘you’. You’ll always feel out of place and uncomfortable and won’t be able to fall in love with your style.  Look at labels that could help you create a style you like and works with your personality and body shape.

Just as in a relationship where you have to have respect for and care for the other person, it is important that we take good care of our clothes.

Do you love everything in your wardrobe?

Do you like what you see when you look at you style in the mornings?

As I said earlier, it all starts with a well organised wardrobe. We have exciting news that Smartgirls is doing online styling now. If you simply don’t have access or time then Online Personal Styling is for you. SmartGirls will help you create a wardrobe you love, wherever you are!

You might live away from Perth or in a rural area and perhaps you would really like help from an expert stylist Or maybe you are just time poor and you like to learn about your style at a time that suits you.

Online SmartGirls styling services’s launch special includes the following:

  • Skype/ video or phone call online styling session
  • Answer all your styling questions. 
  • Give styling advice on your style (taking in consideration your body shape, career, your casual and working lifestyle ), advice you on your shopping list. Styling advice on your colours, style and help create a look for you that you love.

The cost is only $39 for 30 min

or you could make use of the following:

10-day online wardrobe audit
Work with me for 10 days and receive your daily tasks of what to do to your wardrobe. Daily Q&A opportunity provided.

After 10 days you will have a completely well- organised wardrobe by following step-by-step instructions. All of this for only $29

It is possibly the best Xmas gift for anyone anywhere in the world. We already have people booking in from places as far as India.

Also, just a reminder that my last face-to-face Smartstyling workshop for this year will be held on 13 October 2-5 pm in Applecross

  Lizelle Hartley
Owner, SmartGirls0433 655 983  | lizelle@smartgirls.com.au  | www.smartgirls.com.au

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