Fashion and Image Styling in-person

As a mentor and stylist, fashion has become more than just the clothes you wear. My job is just as much about helping you fall in love with your style, gain more confidence, and feel empowered to be the best version of yourself. My team and I work with women and men of any age to uncover not just a new look, but renewed enthusiasm to make the most of every day.

At Smart Collective, we work closely with you to take into consideration your lifestyle, budget, career, personality and tastes before unveiling the style that suits you perfectly. We are here to guide you, as well as educate you and support you as you learn how to put your outfits together and feel fantastic. 

We have a range of personal styling options available.

Wardrobe Refresh for Men and Women

3 hours session

We all know the feeling – a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear! The great news is you don’t need to throw it all out and spend a fortune on a whole new collection, awardrobe refresh will help you reinvigorate your look and learn how to feel fabulous in what you already own. YourSmart Collective stylist will guide you through the items that suit and fit you the best, and help you to put new combinations together to match your personality and tastes.You will also gain the confidence to accessorise, mix-and-match pieces and learn how items can be altered to give them new life. At the end of the session, you will have a shopping list of suggested items that will complement your existing wardrobe to open the doors to more perfect combinations.

Shop for Your Style for Men and Women

3 hours session

Clothes shopping can be a time-consuming and overwhelming experience, so Smart Collective is here to ease the burden. You will feel like a VIP walking into stores where your clothes have already been chosen and are waiting for you to try on; all in your size, style and new look. Shop for Your Style begins with a one-on-one consultation where we discuss your needs and determine your own personal style. If you have already done a wardrobe audit, we will work from the shopping list that we created during that session. If not, we will create a shopping list for you. Your stylist will also educate you on the labels that have been chosen for your personality, body shape, lifestyle and budget. After visiting all the stores and completing your fittings, your stylist will then sit down with you for a wrap-up consultation. Then you can return to each store and purchase the items that you loved and were selected for you.

Personal Re-Style for Men and Women

7 hours across 2 sessions

As a devotee to the fashion industry for nearly 30 years, Ihave seen how truly transformational a change in style can be for someone. Whether you are tired of your current look, have experienced a major change in your life or are heading off on a different career path, a re-style can reignite your passion for life and help you feel more positive and empowered to take the next step – whatever that may be. Your Personal Re-Style includes a one-on-one consultation, wardrobe audit and shopping session to determine your own personal style, and 30-days style support to be there for any questions and guidance. Ultimately, we will transform your wardrobe into your own personal fashion boutique and help you fall in love with your own style.

Ultimate Personal Re-Style for Men and Women

10 hours across 3 sessions

This is the ultimate re-style package which will leave you with a boutique to draw from, not just a wardrobe. Your stylist will help you truly fall in love with your style, excite you with the endless possibilities to express yourself and give you the skills to mix and match for each new day. The Ultimate Personal Re-Style includes a style consultation, wardrobe audit, VIP shopping experience and additional support for the next 30 days. In addition, we will create a personal look-book using your refreshed wardrobe, so help is always at hand when you need a boost of inspiration.

Special Events Styling for Men and Women

2.5 hours

Special events are an exciting opportunity to get dressed up and feel like a million dollars, but choosing an outfit can be a little daunting! My team and I are here to help, melting away the stress with tailored VIP treatment to have you red-carpet ready in no time. In Special Event Styling, you will receive a one-on-one personal consultation session where we will discuss your style needs, budget, event dress code and personal taste. Your stylist will then complete a pre-shop, so all you have to do is arrive in-store and try on the range of expertly-selected outfits! We also offer the option of visiting boutiques or a fashion designer if you would like your outfit custom made. If needed, we can also advise on and arrange hair and “makeup” for you.


2 hours

Perth, Applecross

In a relaxed session with refreshments on arrival, while enjoy a Smart Collective fashion guide as a gift to browse, you will be getting ready to be inspired, uncover your own unique fashion style and elevate your look in a group workshop. Your stylist will offer tips, tricks and information to restructure your wardrobe, shop smarter and refine your look. We also offer a personalised colour chart outlining the perfect colours for your skin tone.

Fashion Style Workshop for Teen Girls

2 hours

This is a fun styling workshop for six or more young ladies, where our stylist will discuss topics including labels, sticking to a fashion budget, dressing for your body shape and reorganising your wardrobe. These workshops are light-hearted and interactive, aiming to inspire and empower each young woman to understand their style and be confident.

Additional Styling Services

As a stylist there are in many areas in styling that we can assist you with. If none of the packages is what you are looking for, we can trailer make services that will suit your needs.