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An entrepreneur and successful business woman, I have owned and operated numerous businesses including SmartGirls Fashion and Image Styling, Moonburra Stay conference and accommodation venue, and Daskop Farmstay in South Africa. I am also a co–founder of the networking group Friday Catch-ups.

In addition to running my own successful businesses, I have been actively involved in several charity organisations as both a stakeholder and board member in South Africa and Australia.

Now, through Smart Collective, I am offering mentoring opportunities across a range of categories. From personal to business, my team and I will support you to be the best version of yourself, while offering practical tips and valuable information across a range of topics.

Personal mentoring

Through personal mentoring, my passion for empowering others and my vast life experience has proudly seen me achieve amazing results in helping people find renewed confidence to be themselves. With one-on-one mentoring we will work through different areas of your life or business and make improvements across the board for a happier, more fulfilled and empowered way forward.

To start, book your free 15 min session to get to know me better.

6 x 40 minute sessions - $447

12 x 40 minute sessions - $797


Having always self-marketed and promoted my own businesses, I have developed a firm understanding of the marketing environment and the common pitfalls business owners face. The Smart Collective Entrepreneur Mentoring program brings this experience and expertise to you, to help you transform your business into a thriving, profitable enterprise.

The key to this program’s success is that I will not only mentor you through your business hurdles, but guide you on other aspects of your life that may be holding you back. Together, we will help you get the most from your hard work and see you experience rapid and sustained growth towards a successful, profitable future.


With so many not-for-profit charities in operation today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for each to raise money and promote a clear message and understanding of their purpose.Charities and not-for-profit organisations have always held high importance to me, and I continue my commitment to helping others achieve their goals through Smart Collective’s Charity MentoringI have a wealth of knowledge in marketing, event coordination, business management strategies and creative fundraising. It is all about the attention to detail here to bring out the best in your charity and make a real difference to those around you.

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