Life can be so busy that it can be difficult to find time to invest in ourselves. There’s always something else that takes priority; work, children, household duties and a social life. Before we know it, another year has passed, and we are stuck in the same ‘normal’ – not feeling like we had the opportunity to grow or change the things that cause frustration instead of joy. What often stops us is a lack of information, encouragement and direction.

I understand completely, which is why I have put together the SMARTwoman events. As a group, like-minded women come together to support each other in their journey to enrich their lives and become the stronger versions of themselves. Sometimes, all it takes to start making positive change is the opportunity to stop, relax and take stock of your journey.

At the SMARTwoman monthly get-togethers, I will invite experts across varied fields to share valuable information to help inspire and educate a positive pathway to achieve everything you dream of. You will also have the valuable chance to network with other women and learn from each other, discuss common interests and goals, and make new friends that will support you well into the future.

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