How do we know what colour to wear?

Wearing colour is a tricky concept. That’s why most of us are allergic to anything that falls outside the neutral palette, (most of us just stay in our comfort zone and wear black). The exhaustively extensive colour spectrum alone is overwhelming. 
What colour do you pick?
Then every colour have different shades to make it more confusing. If that’s not enough we also have  mood, personal preferences, and what’s on trend that make us even more confused.
Start of by identifying that you need. Choose basic colours and extra colours in your wardrobe.

  • Basic colours are colours like black, white, brown, grey, tan, camel, stone, nude and navy
  • Extra colours are red, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink and purple 

Pick three colours from each group and build around that. Basic colours are easier to pick. It is the extra colours that have so many different shades that you might not even know where to start.  

When you think basic colours, start thinking basic items in your wardrobe like shoes, bags, basic tops, pants, skirts, jackets and coats 

Extra colours works well for all the extras to that help create your look, for example tops, scarves, dresses and jewellery.
These are not rules but just the beginning to help you with the colour monster that challenges us every morning when we have to put our look together for the day.