About the Team


Lizelle Hartley - Smart Fashion Principal Stylist - Business and Personal Mentor

I aim to change the lives of 10000 people by giving them the tools, knowledge and support they need to not only look great on the outside, but fall in love with what’s on the inside too.

Smart Collective is about more than just styling. It is about empowering women to be confident, be wise and be themselves. Becoming the best version of yourself is not just about the clothes you wear, but your attitude, mindset and knowledge as well.

Delna Thompson - Smart Fashion Stylist for Women and Men

When I think about how my own style has evolved, I am really happier with the way I dress now. A few years ago I only wore black! Seriously , I thought that black clothes would make me look slimmer. I not only wore black clothing but wore all my clothing 2 sizes too big because again, I through that would make me look slimmer. I have since learned that colour and fit have everything to do with making you look and feel great. Everyone's idea of fashion is different. Styling is all about making you feel more comfortable while wearing the styles you love. Style is all about wearing what makes you feel good at the same time. Style is about experimenting with styles you never thought you could wear! The secret is knowing how to put an outfit together and putting together a wardrobe filled with items that you will love and use.

Paul Werndly - Smart Fashion Stylist for Men - Health/Wellness Mentor

I’m Paul and I would like to tell you my story and fashion journey. When I left school I went into landscape gardening and design and as you know working in a trade, well it doesn’t give you a great scope to becoming a ‘fashionable’ man. Think high viz. But then at the tender age of 19 yo I landed a job with an importer of goods from Japan. This gave me the necessity and desire to upgrade my wardrobe because I was in meetings, dealing with business people and hosting visiting Japanese business men. This then made me frequent the near by Rockeby road precinct and I began browsing - in and out - of men’s fashion stores. At this young age, I gained the experience and an eye for men’s styling on many levels. I became a fashionable young business man and smart casual dresser, being able to pick the occasion and match the occasion with the style. I also specialise in the emotional and physical well being of my clients. I have a pro-active focus which means I implement practical and workable daily recommendations.