Fashion – Friendship – Life 

Being a mother of two teen girls, it was easy for me to identify the need for a program designed especially for the younger generation. I created Smart Believers for teen girls to encourage and support them to believe in themselves, grow with a positive attitude, and enjoy life, fashion and friends!

This program uses Instagram, where we regularly post positive quotes and tips to inspire the group. We also hold Smart Believer get-togethers for teen girls, where we give participants valuable information and life tools in a fun and friendly way. They will receive tips and advice on dealing with everyday challenges, and guidance to help them become a Smart Believer in themselves. By empowering teen girls, they will grow to become stronger versions of themselves, and ultimately become the new generation of strong women in society.

We believe that by empowering one young woman at a time, you empower an entire nation, and will gradually bring a positive change to the world. If you are interested in our Smart Believer events or to sponsoring a girl to attend the program, please contact me on

0433 655 983

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