Creating fashion champagne moments

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate champagne moments in your fashion style.

The first champagne moment is to celebrate your own fashion boutique. There is nothing as nice as to have a very well organised ’boutique’.

Secondly, be in love with your style. You can only celebrate your style if you are in love with it.

Next, it is really important that you can see your personality in your style. The best way to celebrate your style is if you make plenty of room for your personality.

Also, adjust your style to work for your career. We can only celebrate your career by creating the look that compliments your career. By adjusting your look to suit your career, you can create a real champagne moment.

An important champagne moment is to always have a clutch and a good pair of heels close by for celebration moments.

How do you celebrate from work to drinks? Pair of heels, a clutch and a jacket. By making a small change, you can switch from one dress code to another.

Lastly, there are many opportunities to go to formal events and be a bit more quirky by use funkier shoes and allowing your clutch to stand out a bit more. You could also be more creative with hair styles and loosen your hair style a bit more.

Above all, don’t be scared to break habits and have fun with your style. If you would like to bring champagne moments back into your fashion style, give me a call on 0433 655 983.